Meet The Team

Easy Price Pro is the UK's leading estimating and management software provider. Since designing the first estimating program (NHE Estimator) over 20 years ago Paul Betts, along with a team of developers, have expanded and improved the programs EPP produces in order to help other trades who are struggling with their estimating and business management/efficiency. Let's introduce you to the team...
  • Paul Betts

    Paul Betts

    Managing Director
  • Rachel Betts

    Rachel Betts

    Head of Marketing & Office Manager
  • Carrie Broad

    Carrie Broad

    Digital Marketing
  • Charlie Smith-Jeffrey

    Charlie Smith-Jeffrey

    Head of Customer Support
  • Richard Whall

    Richard Whall

    Area Sales Consultant
  • Kate Yuill

    Kate Yuill

    Technical Support Advisor
  • Greg Rowe

    Greg Rowe

    Area Sales Consultant
  • Isobel Miller

    Isobel Miller

    Software Developer
  • Heather Clarke

    Heather Clarke

    Technical Support Advisor
  • David Southwell

    David Southwell

    Head of Development
  • Cat Harvey

    Cat Harvey

    Office Manager
  • Mandy Whitlock

    Mandy Whitlock

    Account Manager
  • Debbie Moore

    Debbie Moore

    Sales Assistant
  • Daniel Lear

    Daniel Lear

    Sales Assistant
  • Rebecca Fox

    Rebecca Fox

  • Peter Kealey

    Peter Kealey

    Local Sales Consultant
  • Eamonn Manners

    Eamonn Manners

    Local Sales Consultant
  • Scott Mackay

    Scott Mackay

    Local Sales Consultant