About easy price pro

Paul Betts

Easy Price Pro know what you want… you want a quicker, easier and less stressful way of producing estimates. We know that because so did Paul Betts, the builder who designed Easy Price Pro’s range of professional estimating and management programs.

After spending many late nights and weekends at the office struggling to produce accurate quotations that met the client deadlines and trying to keep on top of the existing jobs the company was running at the same time, Paul decided that he’d had enough of estimating the hard way and went to look for a solution. Paul was unable to find a useable estimating program for his business, so he took things into his own hands and designed his own estimating solution based in Microsoft Office Excel.

In 2001, almost 10 years later, having seen how the program had benefited his own business and after investing nearly two years into making what was a personal estimating tool, into an accurate, easy to use estimating program alongside his dedicated development team, he launched Easy Price Pro; a company that would revolutionise estimating jobs for the better… Between 2002 and 2003, Easy Price Pro’s sales went from £127k to £1.2 million!

Easy Price Pro’s revolutionary estimating and management software has helped thousands of businesses, with the professional reports and quotations the programs automatically produce – clients can’t help but be impressed.