The Easy Price Pro Experience

The Easy Price Pro Experience

Download Links & USB

When you purchase we will send you a set of download links so you can get up and running straight away. We also post you a USB stick with the software on it, just in case you ever need to reinstall the programs in the future or if you have a limited internet connection where you are.

Free Set-up Service

We connect up to the machine(s) you have installed your Easy Price Pro software onto and make sure your computer settings and the Easy Price Pro programs you have purchased are set-up correctly, ensuring you are ready to start estimating as soon as possible.

Free Tutorial

The learning curve for our programs is short, but our Free (optional) Tutorial will enable you to hit the ground running. A member of our friendly support team will go over all the program basics and show you how to get the most out of your purchase

Free Hints & Tip Handbook.

We don’t provide text heavy, coma inducing manuals because our programs don’t need them, we do provide a handy Hints & Tips Handbook though. This straight forward guide will give you useful info and screenshots of the program, which you can refer to whilst you are getting up to speed.

Free Help Movies

If you are not into reading or having a live tutorial just isn’t your thing, don’t worry! The programs are packed with built in help & info movies that deal with specific elements of the programs. Plus we have a range of easy to follow “Getting Started” movie guides that can be accessed and watched at any time day or night.

Free Iron Support Pack

Every new purchase includes our Iron Support Pack.* This pack gives you 3 hours access to our full support services (Remote Connection, Phone & Email). You can use this time for user questions, program help, additional tutorials or training. Valid for 1 year, you may not ever need it but if you do you know you have our support team at your service.

*Additional Support Packs are optional and can be purchased at any time. Terms and conditions Apply

Free Upgrades & Updates for 3 months

Computers and technology do move fast & at Easy Price Pro we are committed to development and being at the forefront but we understand that no one wants to buy the latest thing and find out it has been superseded 5 minutes later, so we include 3 months of upgrades & updates with your purchase.*

Additional upgrades are optional and can be purchased at any time.

PLUS…. Yes there is still more!

Easy Price Pro in the Cloud*

When you are running a construction based business it’s unlikely you will be behind a desk from 9-5. We understand you may need access to your quotes anytime, anyplace, anywhere, on a range of devices. Easy Price Pro in the Cloud is a service that gives you just that! As long as the device you are using has an internet connection then you can have all of the information for the jobs you have priced at your fingertips, be it on site, with a client or supplier… wherever the day may take you.

*Additional Costs Apply

Major Discounts on Pro Estimating Services Quotes

If you are flat out on site or just want a break from doing the estimating yourself, Pro Estimating Services (PES) can produce a quote for you. As an Easy Price Pro customer on the latest program versions you will be entitled to some major savings, better still when PES has priced the job for you, you can open it in your own estimating program, it will be as if you had done the work yourself and you can adjust it, tweak it and generate all the reports as required.

Drawing & Take off System

If you don’t have it already, remember we do offer a drawing & take off system. Easy 3D Designer is an intuitive, very user friendly drawing program that can create scaled 2D architectural plans & 3D drawings with a walkthrough feature. The Scalex Planwheel Pen is perfect for quick, accurate & simple take-off. You set the scale of the plans into the pen, click in the relevant red box on our estimating programs pricing sheet, run the pen along the plans, click the button on the pen and the measurement is sent directly into the pricing sheet. Unlike “take off” scanning style programs that leave you manually entering most of the information & details for the job, this system is not a gimmick, it works properly and it is accurate. The Easy 3D Designer & Scalex Planwheel Pen can be used together or independently.

Management Programs

You may already be benefiting from our range of management programs but if not remember we have programs that can help you with your Health & Safety paperwork, preparation of Building Contracts, Material Ordering, job scheduling & with the recently released Job Analyser, you will finally have a simple way to get a clear picture of how your business is really doing. If you want to know if you can invest in that digger, or wonder exactly how much work you have on the books, or are unsure if you need to get more manpower lined up or work to get more enquiries in, the Job Analyser can answer all these important business questions and more. .