Tech Support Terms

Technical Support Hours – Terms & Useful Information

    All technical support activity is timed; any time used to carry out the following technical support activities will be deducted from the technical support hours included in your pack:

  • User error related
  • System conflict related
  • Program queries
  • Installations (excluding your first installation after purchase)
  • Setups (excluding your first installation after purchase)
  • Tutorials (excluding your first installation after purchase)
  • Installations (excluding your first installation after purchase)
  • Training
  • Program Customisation

When a support activity has been carried out Easy Price Pro will send you an email. This email will include details of the support activity, the amount of time that has been used and confirmation of the technical support time you have remaining.

Easy Price Pro programs are packed with thousands of complex calculations and reams of code and are continuously developed. If your support call is due to a program bug or glitch that has not been ironed out in an available update or upgrade then any time used to resolve the issue will not be deducted from the technical support hours in your pack.

Using Your Telephone Support

  • Customers will need to contact Easy Price Pro via phone 0845 612 4747 or email to advise us that technical support is required. You will need to provide us with the postcode that the program is registered to and a brief explanation of the technical support that is required and a support ticket will be opened.
  • If a member of the Technical Support Team is not available immediately, you will be called back within the timeframe specified in the Response Times section of these terms.
  • If we are unable to resolve your support query via the telephone we will remotely connect to your computer.

Using Your Remote Connection Support

  • Some support activities require us to connect to your computer via the internet, this process is called remote connection and allows us to access your computer to view your screen and make any required adjustments.
  • Easy Price Pro uses a remote connection program called TeamViewer (latest version); easy access to this can be found in the programs and the Easy Price Pro support icon on your desktop (this is installed with the latest version of our programs).
  • Easy Price Pro can only connect to your machine with your permission, a connection can only take place if you have TeamViewer open and you advise the Technical Support Team of the unique ID number generated by TeamViewer. An internet connection is also required.
  • In some cases you may need to adjust your computers security settings or be on hand to assist the Technical Support Team when they are dealing with your support ticket. A slow internet connection can affect the success of a remote connection; in extreme cases if your internet connection is particularly slow we may not be able to remote connect to your machine.

Support Only Packs (Iron or Bronze Support Packs)

  • Please be aware that support only packs such as the Iron or Bronze Support Packs do not entitle you to free program upgrades. If you do not have the latest program version and, in particular, if you have a program that was purchased prior to January 2009 please be aware that any support activity that is undertaken may be more time consuming to carry out. It is also possible that we may not be able to resolve the issue you are having and you may require upgrades (in most cases this will be if you have installed old software on a new computer with newer versions of Windows and/or Microsoft Office Excel).

Using Your Support Hours

  • Technical support hours are not limited to technical support queries only, you can use the hours for additional online training or tutorials, installation on an alternate computer or customisation of your Easy Price Pro programs.
  • We are unable to provide support on your operating system or any programs that are not produced by Easy Price Pro but, where possible, we can advise you on steps that can be taken if other aspects of your system are creating conflicts with your Easy Price Pro program(s).

Response Times

  • Easy Price Pro will respond to your support request within 48 hours, subject to our business hours. Whilst we will always aim to resolve any support ticket as quickly as possible please note that the time stated here is the response time, not the resolution time.
  • If you have telephone support and we are unable to reach you on the contact number(s) provided within 3 working days of your original call, your support ticket will be closed. All details will be recorded and we will email you on the email address provided to let you know that you will need to contact us when you are available for us to look in to your query.

Email Support

  • Each new program purchase includes 3 years’ worth of email support; this 3 year period starts on the date of purchase. To ensure your support enquiry is dealt with you will need to email; all responses from Easy Price Pro will be sent to you via email.
  • If you do not have a support subscription in place and are utilising the free email support included with your purchase we will aim to respond to your email support request within 96 hours (4 working days), subject to our business hours.
  • Please be aware that there are limitations to the service we provide via email, we can answer questions and direct you to support resources but if you only have email support in place we will not be able to assist you via the telephone or remotely connect to your computer.

Support Packs are valid for 1 year only (unless otherwise stated). Any support hours that have not been used by the support packs expiry date cannot be carried over to the following year and cannot be refunded.