What our clients say

“Best program out of 10 I’ve tried…”

I would like to thank you and all your teams support over the past few years from your Easy Price Pro Estimating Software.

I have found this program to be the best one from over 10 different ones I have tried; it is very easy to use for both me and my clients to whom I send my estimates to.

I have not found another program that can deliver the same amount of information in such a clear and precise way to be able to order the materials and project manage the works from start to finish.

I have carried out about 900 estimates so far using the program to estimate the costs of extensions and new builds from my estimating company and also I have built extensions and new builds using the information from the program and found it very accurate, one of the good things I have found was the specification that the program writes as no other program does this where I can just insert my logo and send directly to the clients without having to amend with the confidence that it will be correct.

I am looking forward to carrying on working with your team at Easy Price Pro in the future and the support team who are very helpful with any help I require.
Building Estimates UK

“Too many good bits to mention”

After trying different pricing software, I found yours to be very simple and easy use. Too many good bits to mention but my favourite are the drop downs boxes. ” Well done to Paul Betts and his Easy Price Pro team.
Ian H, Previous User of Other Software

“Gives me confidence”

I have been using the New Houses and Extensions Plus for several years and it has made me make more inclusive quotes with less mistakes which, on the surface, may seem to make my quotes look more expensive but I have the complete confidence to explain that my price is inclusive and there will be no ‘surprise extras’ halfway through the job – unless requested by the client. The program is easy to use and the support I’ve received is good. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this software to others.
Marc Mulley, Buhrstones Ltd

“I demo'd a number of alternatives but none came close to Easy Price Pro”

I have been in the building trade for many years now and until relatively recently I have always used the same estimating software package for pricing up jobs. I found it very hard to grasp and never felt appreciated as a repeat customer, so I decided to look around the market for an alternative. I demo'd a number of alternatives but none came close to Easy Price Pro. The software is so precise and easy to use with a huge and diverse range of functionality and reports. The software support that I have received has also been exceptional. All of my calls have been answered swiftly, everyone is friendly and very informative but above all they are patient and make sure any issues I have are fully explained and cleared up. This is a great product with an equally impressive support team ready to assist in the back ground.
Nick Chapman, HighGrade Construction Ltd

“I believe Easy Price Pro to be the best of value in its class & truly worth recommending to any building company”

I have over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry including architectural services and general building construction. I used the traditional method of pen, paper and calculator take offs to create a bill of quantities, this was long winded and time consuming, I looked on line and found Easy Price Pro, I looked in to this and bought it, I find the program to be user-friendly in ease of operation, and very adaptable for most estimating jobs, I use the programs for material take offs, schedules and even health and safety, it makes my job easy.
In the six years I have been using Easy Price Pro I have won well over 150 contracts all off differing sizes from a patio £1500.00 to a £450k new build. I believe Easy Price Pro to be the best of value in its class and truly worth recommending to any building company
Craig Atak, Chesterfield

“Wish we had bought it sooner”

Since purchasing our Easy Price Pro, we can honestly say we wish we had bought it sooner, never mind, better later than never.

We have found it fairly easy to use and have had many estimates accepted for future projects.
We have and will always recommend this product to other builders.
Nick Branford, Arc Construction Contractors Ltd

“Thank you for your excellent software!”

I am writing to thank you for sending me your software. I do not know how to use computers very well, but I have found your program so quick and easy to use. It has helped me immensely and has saved me time and money in pricing quotes and in getting interim payments from my clients. Also, your backup service to your software is excellent, any queries I had you dealt with straight away.

Once again thank you for your prompt service and excellent software.
D & D Aldous

“Very easy and practical to use.”

Easy Price Pro advertising is correct, this program is very easy and practical to use.
I have purchased 3 other estimating programs before Easy Price Pro, and on seeing the Easy Price Pro program I find I can use this program and think it is actually very good.
Chris Dunnitt

“Best money we ever spent.”

There is no doubt in my mind that other than our 2-tonne Tipper lorry(!!) Easy Price Pro has been the best money we have ever spent.
It has freed up our time to concentrate on other things and eliminated human error and the guesswork from our estimating and given us consistency in our Client presentation.

Colin Kelly

“None of the others on the market came even close”

I didn’t think that I could use something like New Houses & Extensions PLUS, mainly because I am not very good with computers. After all, my trade is in building, not in computers. I was really amazed to find that Easy Price Pro’s software was so easy to use.
The reports that are generated have won me many jobs. I really believe this is down to the professional and very detailed client quotation which I give to my customers. I’ve come to realise that presentation is everything when it comes to clients, there is no doubt in my mind that I have won jobs which I otherwise would not have, purely due to the professional presentation which this program really delivers. I have been using Easy Price Pro software for a good few years now and can’t imagine pricing a job without this program.
I looked at a few other competitors and I have to say, none of the others on the market came even close to the ease of use and overall completeness of New Houses & Extension PLUS.
When they say “this program does all the thinking for you”, they weren’t joking, this software is FAB!

Ivan Gutu

“Happy to recommend your products to anyone”

We are writing to express our satisfaction with the Easy Price Pro estimating package. We purchased the software in 2004 and we can say that the programme has definitely improved the way we work. Firstly, the time we actually spend estimating has greatly reduced as the programme makes thislaborious task so much quicker and easier. We find that we can now price more jobs and get a proper professional estimate back to the customer in a reasonable time. This in itself has actually improved significantly the amount of jobs we win.
The reports and charts that the program produces automatically are a huge benefit and help us to keep more control over things like material ordering, customer payments and most importantly our profit margins! In fact our profits have increased since using the software.
We particularly like the written estimate that the New Houses and Extensions programme produces - previously once we had spent ages pricing the job the old way, we still had to type up a written estimate for the customer.
The programme gives us a lot more confidence that we have estimated correctly and not missed anything out. From the number of bricks, blocks and wall ties to the amount of nails required in the roof structure the programme works out all the required materials quickly and accurately.
Because the software also calculates the man hours and the labour costs, it also provides us with a work schedule which we find a usefulproject management tool.
This and some of the other charts have helped us when putting business plans together for development projects.
All in all, the programm has proved to be everything we hoped and has become an integral part of the way we work.
We would certainly be happy to recommend your products to anyone.
Lee & Paul Mullen, L & P Mullen

“Cannot imagine working without it”

Since buying Easy Price Pro's New Houses and Extensions (NHE) estimating package and particularly since upgrading, I have used it to price all my jobs and find it easy to use and a great improvement over conventional pricing methods.

NHE lets me price jobs quickly and gives me additional information as well as producing a professional estimate, payment schedule and break-down for me to submit to prospective customers.

I am very pleased with the whole package and cannot imagine working without it.
M J Small

“Goodbye 'other software' and hello Easy Price Pro”

I have indeed tonight had a 30min live demo on other software and its great if you like pretty pictures on any quote that is assuming you can get to do a qoute! To be honest other software is about as much use as an ash tray on a motorbike. So its Goodbye 'other software' and hello Easy Price Pro.
Konrad Beeson

“Very thorough, dead easy.”

The program constructs a quote in the same order as a house or extension is constructed.
It guides you through the process step by step so as to not miss anything out… very thorough!
The addition of the Central Library makes keeping up to date across the two programs [New Houses & Extensions and Renovations & Alterations] dead easy.

John Waterson, Waterswood Building, Sussex

“Simple and straight forward to use”

I think that Easy Price Pro is a professional company; their support team are excellent and would recommend them on their service and technical back up.
The software is very good and covers all aspects of building estimating. I would Recommend Easy Price Pro software to other tradesman, as I feel it is simple and straight forward to use.
I have been a customer for over 1 year and feel it has made our estimating process much more accurate and cost effective.

Michael John Ambler, JDW Building & Construction

“It never ceased to amaze me.”

I purchased Easy Price Pro in 2006 after they contacted me and one of their reps came round to my home and gave me a demonstration on how the product works and I was very impressed but at the same time I couldn’t believe it was that easy to use and would cut down the amount of time doing my estimates. I decided to buy the Easy Price Pro Renovations and Alterations (now known as Total Build), New Houses and Extensions, Easy Plumbing and Electrics and once they upgraded there products Easy Order. The disc arrived within the week and was very easy to install and once it was installed Easy Price Pro then activated the programs. At first I was very dubious as to how accurate the estimates would be and on numerous occasions I had reverted back to my old way and come up with the same price and it never ceased to amaze me. For me this is so much better than the way I use to do my estimates as its a lot quicker and I also had to rely on someone to do them with me as I am slightly dyslexic, but now I can quite happily get on with my estimates myself and only need someone to proof read my estimates and make small adjustments occasionally. The technical support team are very good and also very helpful and if they don’t know how to resolve the problem there and then they ask the advice of the developers and work together to solve the problem. They are also open to ideas of any changes and are constantly working to improve their product and in all the years I have been using easy price pro it just gets better. I find the easy order program easy to use and very useful as I can email the materials over to the suppliers for them to give a price and then I adjust my estimate accordingly. I would recommend this product as its very user friendly. I am looking forward to the new NHE 6.0 software coming out.

Top 2 Bottom Builders

“The time and money that this saves the company is invaluable”

When someone suggested Easy Price Pro Software, being computer illiterate I was more than a little apprehensive. After a short tutorial by one of their very experienced sales team I purchased their software. It is fast, efficient and easy to use.
I would strongly recommend anybody that works in the pricing sector to work with Easy Price Pro. 12 months after my initial purchase I am investing in their latest product packages because the time and money that this saves the company is invaluable.
For example, a typical double storey extension with various internal alterations used to take 4 to 5 days to price, with Easy Price Pro you are looking at a turnaround of 4 to 5 hours.

Scott, EHD & Sons Ltd

“I could not have had a better experience”

The Total Build program that we purchased is benefiting us immensely. Once I got used to how the program operates and what its strengths and weaknesses were I have saved myself a lot of time and money using the program. The program is very easy to use once you do a few test projects and talk with your support staff. One of the great strengths of the program is its versatility and the ability to modify some modules to suit my own way of doing things. The particular program we purchased pretty much covers everything I do and more but it there is something missing I can easily design my own module to suit my needs. One of the other useful features and time saving elements of the program is the reports and quote generator, although I have to change some of the wording and headings on the quote, but this is a small issue because a lot of work and layout of the quote has already been done by the software. Last but not least, the Support Team. The most impressive part of the Easy Price Pro package is the support team. I have never experienced such professional, quick and friendly support than I have received from everybody at Easy Price Pro. From the first enquiry I made about a possible purchase to solving problems that I have had along the way, I could not have had a better experience.
Mark Symonds Ltd.

“I would strongly recommend the use of Easy Price Pro to other builders and companies.”

Having been a user of Easy Price Pro for at least 6 years I have found the program to be extremely satisfactory and helpful to my work and trade. I have found the program very easy to use and as “I am not ICT orientated it has benefited me in many ways; due to its professional standards and step-by-step work through of quotes, invoices, contracts etc. I have extended my use of Easy Price Pro to the Health and Safety program after finding the quality and standard of the original program extremely high. As the owner of a small building company the programs have been extremely helpful in the planning and preparation of building work and following the legal guidelines of building. I would strongly recommend the use of Easy Price Pro to other builders and companies.
Joe Larkin, Classic Key Windows.

“I finally ended up with the software I wanted”

I met Eamonn from Easy Price Pro and had a demonstration of the Easy Price Pro estimating software and realised how easy it was to use, and could see the time saving benefits and the way it would improve my estimating. After the demonstration, I searched for other software and found other software who gave me an online demonstration which was made to look easy. It was less money than Easy Price Pro and I thought I was gettting a great deal. However, within two days, I realised it was a complicated, difficult program to use and the reports it produced were also complicated, and not well laid out. I contacted Eamonn at Easy Price Pro who came back out to me and I purchased the Premium Silver package that I had orginally looked at. I finally ended up with the software I wanted with Easy Price Pro, having made the mistake of being attracted to other software prices. I would recommend builders to look closely at how a program works before buying and go with the easiest package to use, otherwise it will just sit in a drawer and be money wasted.
Lubos Lucik, Lubos Lucik Building & Renovation

“I shall continue to recommend Easy Price Pro to my friends and associates”

I have been using Easy Electrics for some eighteen months now, personally I find it a very easy to use piece of software with very few glitches (even when I upgraded my Windows!). The user interface is really straight-forward, uncomplicated and the information is presented in a very easy to use format. When I do an estimate for a job, I tend to do it on the spot using Easy Electrics on my laptop. This approach has led to some interesting comments from my Clients. As the whole process is done in front of them and they can see the effect of the addition (or removal) of items from the requirement on the final figure, it allows them the flexibility they like to have when choosing how much or how little to ‘add, change or replace’ during their re-furbishments. Without the availability of Easy Electrics program this would be at the very least a very laborious task, if not impossibly (for a frec estimate at least). Please keep up the good work; I shall continue to recommend Easy Price Pro to my friends and associates.
John S Nicol

“I am able to use it straight out of the box”

Having struggled with other software for the best part of 10 months (and even paid £292.00 to go on a training course), I found using the software was both time consuming and frustrating. I gave up! After a conversation with a friendly competitor I purchased Easy Price Pro, without doubt this was the right move. Not only is the software so much more user friendly than the other software package, I find I am able to use it straight out of the box, no more expensive training course, and no more wading through endless work books trying to find a basic element of building work to cost up.
Mr D Hughes, Pass & Co

“Far better than other software.”

As you know, I have been using other software for approximately two years and unfortunately I did not find it ‘user-friendly’ or capable of meeting my requirements for estimating client work. There did not seem a logical explanation to the way the program was set up and if you are looking to quote for a job that is different from a square box, then it became increasingly difficult to rely on the programme and indeed the final prices quoted. At the time of the original purchase, a colleague of yours introduced me to the Easy Price Pro package; however I decided to proceed with the other software, purely on price. However, I feel that has become a false economy. Having now had a further demonstration for Easy Price Pro, the package to be easier to use, more realistic, with the ability to add materials, alter prices in a logical manner. The ease of the Heath and Safety package will ensure my business meets up-to-date rules, regulations and compliance requirements
Rob Limon, Linhay Homes Ltd.

“This program is superb and the customer print-outs are very professional”

I have had the Easy Price Pro New Build and Extensions & Total Build for a month now and am really pleased with it – I was able to use it straight away and the one or two minor hitches I had a representative was able to put me right. Not using a computer very often I found this really easy to use and rely on it regularly for my quotes. After the other software fiasco which I never could get my head round, this program is superb and the customer print-outs are very professional. I also very much appreciate the constant back up provided by a representative if I should need it. The whole package best value on the market – I would recommend it to anyone.
Brian Coton, Coton General Builders

“Offers a significant saving in time”

I would like to confirm that my reason for selecting your company’s software was: its suitability to the type of work we undertake – domestic extensions and alterations. It appears to be relatively simple to follow the process and offers a significant saving in time. We have had experience with other software but found this difficult to operate and inflexible for our type of work and we have discontinued use of this software in favour of Easy Price Pro.
Richard Dunne, Richard M Dunne Construction

“Easier to use”

I had purchased other software to assist me with my estimating. But find the program too complicated to use and was taking longer than manual estimating. I have looked at Easy Price Pro programs and have decided to buy them because they seem to be easier to use and price jobs up, and I think they will save my time in pricing my jobs up.
Roger Webb, RDW Builders Ltd

“We would recommend any serious builders to give Easy Price Pro serious consideration.”

After trying several estimating packages, we have found that Easy Price Pro was a much easier version for estimating software for new work and renovations. We found the pricing schedule to be accurate on all items including ground works. We would recommend any serious builders to give Easy Price Pro serious consideration.
Lee Cakebread, LC & Associates

“Takes the hassle out of quoting”

The program takes the hassle out of quoting and covers all bases.
Trevor Brockwell T and S building

“Win many more jobs”

I find Easy Price Pro quick and efficient and win many jobs using this.
Shaun Lincoln Builders

“Won a £200,000 building project the first time we used it”

Easy to use software, we won a £200,000 building project with the help of using this software, (first time we had used it!) as the client commented how professional it looked, along with everything else that we offered as a company.
Mr Taylor, Applefields Ltd

“Saves time over and over again.”

Helps out on the little things that you might have forgotten. Saves time over and over again.
Chris Mustoe

“Highly recommend”

I would highly recommend Easy Price Pro I have been very happy with my purchase and have recommended to friends in the trade.
Stephen Coe

“Great product... and the support is excellent”

Easy Price Pro is a great product ,easy to use, speedy calculations and the support is excellent, highly recommend.
John Hill (JM Hill Building Services)

“Life is busy enough”

This product has saved me time and money. It's as simple as that I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is self-employed as life is busy enough.
Lee Moffat

“Saved us a small fortune...”

I have been using Easy Price Pro for over a year now and it has been fantastic for me and the business. We have a work force of 49 and time is always at a premium. It has made my life so much easier and we are saving a small fortune in not getting a Q.S. to cost up all our Tenders and also find that they massively over price the works as they do not apply a Builders Head to the project and therefore we are never in the running for the works as the price is so high.

I am able to turn my quotes around so fast and they look so much more professional than my previous estimating package quotes. The client can clearly see what I have included and excluded and this makes life so much easier during and after the project when finalising the account and getting that hard earned final payment.

The reports section can provide information for us to monitor the works and also see where we have made and lost money which is vital as this can be carried onto other projects.

A brilliant package and great support service when you need it.

No hesitation in recommending to others.
Joe Dixon

“One of the best purchases that business has made over the last 30 years!”

I have been using "Easy Price Pro" for nearly 2 years. Once purchased I ran several completed jobs through the software to see how the results compared with my age old BLACK BOOK manual method.
One job stood out, £120,000 exc vat which took THREE DAYS to quote manually as there were many unusual roofing types and abutments, I ran this through EPP and the program came back with £121,200 exc vat. NOT BAD! The huge difference was the time taken to estimate using EPP!!
Trusting the EPP program is as easy as using it.
And the support team is absolutely outstanding if needed.
Thank you to all at Easy Price Pro.
Jeff, Devon

“Been using Easy Price Pro for 10+ years and would not consider using any other estimating software”

EPP is by far the easiest to use estimating software on the market and its presentation and summary schedules are received well by all my clients. I've been using EPP for over 10 years now and would not consider using any other estimating software I am totally happy with the product and service.
Boyd Rogers

“Helped me immensely in producing accurate prices”

Very impressed with the program and has helped me immensely in producing accurate prices. Donovan Van Wyk
Donovan Van Wyk

“Saves me hours”

I've been using Easy Price Pro for many years saves me hours when pricing larger jobs .
Kevin Green

“Highly recommend”

The program is really easy to use and allows for all of the things left out of a manual estimate or quote, it really does make the job of quoting for electrical work easy - I highly recommend it.
Marcus Payne

“Does what it says on the tin...”

Does what it says on the tin... only better!
Andy Hipkiss

“Second to none...”

The speed and ease that this program allows you to prepare tenders, and the level of accuracy allows you to be confident you haven't missed anything. The backup and support offered is second to none, much better than some larger more pricey packages.
Simon Petty

“Well designed and powerful”

I use this software for work and it is really well design and very powerful. I have had this software for many years and finds it essential for my work. Seriously, this software gives you the edge over the rest of the industry. Instead of spending a whole day guessing what my estimate should be I now feel confident that I will be competitive and not lose money, in just a few hours with the help from this bad boy. Love it. :)
Pierre Belance

“Very impressed”

Although I am still in the early stages of using the software and really taking note of how much more the program can actually provide you on top of the pricing modules, I am very impressed and I am really looking forward to all the results I will get from this program.
Jason Harrop

“The support team are brilliant”

Once I got the hang of the software I found it great. The support team are brilliant managed to answer and correct all my mistakes .
Russell Donovan

“Tried a number of estimating software packages and Easy Price Pro is the easiest...”

Have tried a number of estimating software packages and EPP Total Build Ultimate works the easiest. The layout is easy to understanding and clearly shows what labour and materials has been allowed for and these can easily be adjusted for small works where the labour rate or material quantity may need to be adjusted slightly. Keeping the materials library up to date is easy and you can add your own regular materials in too making pricing the works easier and spot on. With Carpentry and Quantity Surveying as my background, there are some areas that I think could be improved that would make the software much more workable. However, on the whole we have won more work using EPP than any other estimating software, so thumbs up from me. I am considering adding the EPP New Houses & Extension Plus.
Ken, The Naked Builder

“Simple to use and time saving.”

I have been using EPP programs for years. Makes quoting easier and quicker. Simple to use and time saving.
Paul Cribb

“Keeps me on site instead of behind a desk!”

Great system keeps me on site instead of behind a desk.
Lewis Arnold

“10 out of 10. Highly recommend.”

Easy Price Pro has really helped us win several jobs over the last 12months. We have turned over more than £220,000 as supposed to £80,000 - £100,000 to the previous 3 years. Its professional look and easy to use programme is given a 10 out of 10. We would highly recommend it.
Sean Richards

“Useful when speaking to clients... they give a professional outlook”

I use Easy Price Pro packages to ensure I get a complete and thorough breakdown of cost and materials. I find the reports to be very useful when speaking to clients as they give a professional outlook on the proposals. I use Easy Price Pro on a monthly basis and find it easy to understand and manage. I would be happy to, and have on a number of occasions, recommended the packages that I use to business colleagues of mine. The support service is always prompt in its return to queries and I am more than satisfied with their service.
Paul Herlihy, PA Construction

“Saves time and money”

Excellent software saves time and money with the professional look you'd expect from a quotation and estimate.
Michael Clark

“Best Estimating software we have used. ”

Best Estimating software we have used.
Jake Robson, Acura Joinery

“Excellent tool ”

Have used Easy Price Pro for many years now and find it an excellent tool to produce quotes with.
Bill Parker

“Started off nervous... don't be!”

I first started using Easy Price Pro early 2016 ago and was a bit nervous about trusting the pricing. DON'T BE !! It works really well and now we have a system that is not only time saving but accurate. I would recommend.
Steven Wyeth

“Now we don't just guestimate!”

Easy quoting's very nice that why we're using Easy Price Pro. It's a lot more accurate we must state and now we don't just guestimate. It works out tonnage, wood lengths too, plaster board and all our glue. The package is the building block to use at will around the clock. So costings are now accurate by thrice just by using Easy Price Pro.
M Crane

“I like the simple format”

I purchased Easy Price Pro 3 years ago (2013) and since then have purchased the Health and Safety software which is a great help and saves me lots of time. I like the simple format for the software.
Chris Sullivan, Sullivan's Builders Ltd.

“Like how Easy Price Pro keeps pace with changes in the industry”

I have used this package for years now and I am happy with how the changes in the building industry Easy Price Pro are keeping pace with.
M Small Builders

“Saved me hours, helped me win contracts”

I have used Easy Price Pro for a number of years now and believe it has saved me many hours in accurately estimating jobs. I also believe the professional layout of the quotes that it helps to produce has won my company contracts.
Gary McMahon

“Led to greater profitability”

Having used Easy Price Pro for nearly 3 years (purchased in 2013) in my small building company, it has dramatically improved the accuracy of my quoting, quicker and more versatile than my previous methods, all of which have led to greater profitability. Many thanks.
Philip Preston . Quoin Construction Ltd.

“I have used it to cost projects large and small , it's never let me down.”

Great, software very easy to use. I have used it to cost projects large and small , it's never let me down. I highly recommend it.
Robert Burnell

“Saves me hours”

I've been using Easy Price Pro for many years saves me hours when pricing larger jobs.
Kevin Green

“We welcome Easy Price Pro with open arms!”

Further to our conversation last week when agreeing to commit to purchase Easy Price Pro, I outline below the reasons for leaving 'other software' behind. To say that the system is not suited to the Northern Ireland or Irish market is an understatement. For the last year, the system has been through the hands of two fully competent and trained IT employees who were completely baffled at its complexity. It needed to be re-jigged in so many ways on a weekly basis that we were never off the phone to their technical support team.

Their home screen and workbook layouts are a nightmare. Compared to Easy Price Pro, 'other software' has on average about 40-60 different workbooks for a ‘standard’ new house that you must constantly jump in and out of (see attached screenshots). Much to our frustration, we never fully completed an estimate as the system was so complicated. It would take us approximately 5-10 hours to figure out if we had got the main build done correctly (not including the roof!)

Even with months of training, this programme will never suit the Northern Irish market. Their terminology is different, you cannot tap into local supplier prices and their time studies are on scales that are massively out of proportion.

After a quick hour long demo over the phone and through team viewer with your N.I rep, we welcome Easy Price Pro with open arms! In a nutshell, 'other software' is a nightmare of epic proportions and we will never recommend it to anyone in this region of the UK.

Look forward to working with you,

Best Regards

DJ Rasdale MCIOB

DJ Rasdale MCIOB

“...and best of all, I like that fact is it so quick and easy to use!”

I first used it when I was working in Spain, when I returned to England I decided I would carry on using it here as it was such a big help to my estimating; it saves me so much time and has won me a lot of business.
My favourite part is the library – it contains so many items and I can add to it if I want.
I have tried another system but it did not produce any paper work. With yours I get a Bill of Quantities and Material Order Sheet, both are great!
I love the way that you can just put the measurements in and automatically the program starts to calculate.
Best of all, I like that fact is it so quick and easy to use!
I would recommend it to any builder, in fact I did recommend it to another builder I know only last week.

Mr Mike Cornell, CMC Contractors Limited